The Concept

To propose a multi-arts performance on the basis of the "Exquisite Corpse" method.

To make people meet, be stunned, share knowledge, have fun and last but not the least to make as many art lovers or not enrol in this adventure as possible.

Each of the five persons who are involved in this project is at the very beginning of a "Exquisite extension" and is, by this way, responsible of a part of this unified work of art.
Let's call them the "coordinators".
They consented on a common theme to start with. You will discover it at the final exhibition.

The Method

First, someone creates a work on a 20 cm (or 7,874 inches) wide and 20 cm (or 7,874 inches) across support, that you are not allowed to see and leaves some clues of his or her work on another 20 cm x 20 cm (or 7,874 x 7,784 inches) support, which you will receive. You have no idea on this previous creation.
Prompt by this strip it's your turn now to carry on with your own technic without destroying the previous work.
Now you can "extend" on another square support and pass along to another person you have chosen.
If you are all alone, and do not know anyone to send your section, you can contact your coordinator by phone or e-mail. The latter will find the next creator.
If you have so many "artist" friends, the five networks may intersect in your home. If it happens, you must distribute thoroughly the pieces of work without mixing them or if one work is sufficient for you, then you must pass along the extra supports to other creators.

Progress may not stop.

The Rules

A wooden support 3 cm (or 0,11811 inches) size is needed in order to fixed up the created sections. Everyone has to fix his work firmly on this support without altering the former clues.
15 days is the time requested to perform and pass along. Nevertheless, if you choose a technic such as embroidery, you can first pass along the clue part within the 2 weeks and then finish your own work later.
All technics are welcomed (free style technics, painting, collage, writing, embroidery, recycling, abstract or concret hyperrealist style, ......).
Levels: All
Unlimited participants
End of the project: September 1st, 2009
Canvas: In order to avoid overlaps, you will receive with your support the canvas of the final and complete work indicating the place of your work (like the coordinates of a battleship game). You will also receive all your coordinator?s contact details (his or her e-mail address and/or phone number, address). Call, if you need so.
The setting:
When your work is finished you may send it or give it hand to hand to your coordinator with one euro coin sellotaped on its back with the details of the next artist. Please not down clearly where your work is located.