Céline et ses débordés

Biography :

Céline Azorin was born in 1976 in Dakar, Senegal. She?s been an independent graffiti artist and an illustrator since 2002. Totally incapable of choosing just one type of expression, she flips from one medium to another : sewing - photography - computer graphics - modelling ? She often combines them all, devoting herself to versatility: perhaps because she is afraid of becoming bored. She wants to feel free to choose between them like a kind of game.
Her illustrations are photographic productions of elements made by her various techniques.
She navigates between her illustrated world and her world of ?textile sculptures? (For eg : the ?Betas-Heureux? which are hybrid creatures that look like puppets and totems).

The project:

She joined the ?Debordement Exquis? project quite by chance after a discussion. Attracted by her own curiosity and the originality of the project, she became part of the adventure.
As the project progressed, she realized with no surprise that she did not have the necessary skills to manage or coordinate which the project desperately lacked.
Putting this aspect to one side and being ambitious, she is trying hard to make the project progress and gradually come to life.

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