Capucine et ses débords

Capucine Perigault or Capu as we call her, is a young Parisian lady born in 1972. She moved to Caen in 1995.

She has always experimented with colours. More recently she has taken to playing with acrylic paints on canvas using palette knives as a form of decompression.
Capucine conveys her feelings and emotions through her painting.
Capucine creates and modifies decorative objects using salvaged materials.

Capucine discovered the Debordement Exquis during a friendly drink where she met the Débordeurs. This artistic project is made up of a human chain where ideas and techniques are exchanged and where discussions take place about art in general and human association.
And if Art could be used to help medical progress or to spotlight associations, at least the debordement exquis is a useful communication tool.
?This project enables Capucine to devote her time to what she likes the most : art and meeting people.
This has encouraged Capucine to create a leisure workshop for children which can also welcome handicapped children.

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