Caen is overflowing ! " During an exhibition, Jacqueline Desnos introduced Ludovic Gomes (The Caramb'art Association's leader) and Jean-Luc Flambard. Both of them practise an art technic and organize some exhibitions within the framework of their enterprise. Their goal: to enhance the others'work and make people becoming acquainted with art.

It matches and a collective idea comes out. The ?Exquisite Extension? project, in close reference to the Exquisite Corpse invented by Surrealists, comes to life.

As time goes by, the project begins to take shape. Charmed by this adventure Céline Azorin and Capucine Périgault join in the initial team. Five persons are now involved in this collective process.

Principle is pretty easy: The deal is that someone must know someone, who in his/her turn must know somebody else and so on.... who wants to express himself/herself artistically on a 20 cm (or 7,874 inches) wide and 20 cm (or 7,874 inches) across support and leaves clues on another square support. All technics are welcomed.
As the rules are settled, the idea spreads like a powder, and enthusiasm is high. Caen is overflowing. The squares are passed along, not even in France but also in foreign countries.
From now on, 250 to 300 persons are involved in this adventure. More than 600 persons are expected to attend the preview at the Sepulcre in Caen on September 11th ,2009.
The Organizers would like to make this exhibition an "Art'ppenning. An interactive exhibition where all the art technics of wildly divergent genres can be mixed (performance, songs, musics and reading).

The exhibition will close its doors on September 19th and 20th , 2009 with the dismantling of all the parts. All proceeds will go to the Charitable Association TELETHON. People will have the opportunity to share knowledge, innovate and express themselves for the benefit of others.

Thus, well-informed art lovers or not will be able to purchase an exclusive art work from the exhibition.
People who are enrolled in this creation are art lovers as well as accomplished artists renowned in their art technics.
A great solidarity, stimulation, technical discussions, rejoicing, exchanges, here are the key stones of this five members'group.
This is their Marathon, right now they have been enduring the pace and will hold you in suspense until Autumn.
For a first meeting, let's have a look on the "exquisite" web site.
Caramb'Art ! Indeed, Caen is overflowing and it's just Fantastic!