jean-luc et ses débordages

Plasticien from time to time.
Keen recycler.
Loves giving materials a second lease of life.
Tactile, I love materials, their volume; my fingers have a very sensitive touch. Curious by nature, I like to try out different techniques.
I love to be suprised, surprising people, sharing and supporting ideas.
I love words; they are often the source of my creative inspiration.
I use scenography for my exhibitions which helps to put people at ease therefore facilitating dialogue and arousing curiosity.

I use the ?Debordement Exquis? as a way of sharing Art with other passionate people. It?s completely natural to me. I love the craziness of the project. I love this new concept which involves sorting things out for yourself. I like sharing ideas with others. I like being able to stimulate, tease, provoke and jostle people?s minds.
I like discovering new techniques, new worlds and new people. I love to push the limits. I?m not so keen on reminding people about respecting the rules. But without them, the project would not have been so successful.
Luckily, we are still in the race thanks to the solidarity and the stimulation coming from our ?Group of 5? or ?débordeurs? (whatever our title, we exist). And this marvellous Art Happening where this exhibition will become a Festival of Art.
And this sharing of works which will enable Art to enter into people?s homes.
And this idea of selling as an ultimate fate and opening this project to others. Thus, it is a non-profit making adventure where all proceeds go help medical research. Sharing helps me to communicate and make my battles and feelings known and also to support other people. I am particularly fond of the ?Autour des williams? association. If you are interested in finding out more, you can do so via the internet link or by coming to the major event of the year in Caen called ??debordement exquis??.

Voir le plan de ses débordages

"du code barre au code b'art" mise en place d'une exposition collective
itinérante sur un an.

"ma plus belle histoire d'amour c'est..." exposition textile avec
Marité Gendron à la bibliothèque d'Hérouville st Clair.